Rhiannon Koyanagi

Time Thief


Rhiannon is expressive, clever, and opportunistic. While she tends to look out for number one and can come off as a bit flighty & spoiled, she’s actually very smart, hardworking, and even compassionate when she wants or needs to be.


Rhiannon was born into a small Elven community as Rhiannon Amrastil. Her mother was a Tian human, and her father an elf. Her community- especially her father’s family – never took too kindly to having a human in the family. When Rhiannon was born, their distaste escalated into a near-shunning, as Rhiannon was not only half-human, but was born with white & red hair, slightly glowing red eyes, and a shock of static electricity that stood everyone’s hair on end. She clearly had been tainted with more than just human heritage, though nobody was sure by what, exactly.

Her parents loved her dearly and raised her well, but died during a plague when she was 12. As most of her mother’s family lived far away in Tian Xia, she was sent to her Elven aunt & uncle, who proceeded to give her just enough attention to keep her alive & keep up pretenses that they actually cared about their mongrel niece.

Rhiannon ran away at 13, taking her mother’s last name as a show of defiance against her Elvish family. She took to a life of petty thievery to keep herself going. Despite her circumstances, she was a bright & curious girl, and one day she lucked out and found an old book in a house she was looting. She found it was in a language she had never seen before but could somehow read, and that it held a lot of research and calculations. After deciphering a small amount of it, she found she was able to steal seconds of time from other people and give it to herself, which gave her a slight edge on whatever she was doing – a handy thing for a thief to have. But beyond that, she realized the book held a lot of insight into the nature of time, and she dedicated herself to the study of it. She keeps it under lock & key, on her person at all times.

Rhiannon Koyanagi

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