Shirou Kenichi

Jiangshi-born Sword Saint


Has jet-black hair and pure-white eyes and skin. Often seen wearing dark material, no matter the weather.

He comes of as a morose and brash individual, but underneath his peculiar exterior is a wealth of knowledge and determination, as he will not give up when he has set his mind to something.

He has a tendency to be obsessive-compulsive, and tends count arbitrary numbers of things often. He absolutely loves the number 14, but hates the number 6 just as much.

Was bitten by a Were-spider, and now has extraordinary powers like super-strength, wall climbing, web-slinging, and extra-sensory powers.

He was once a traveling ronin, fighting for what he wanted, but was under the lordship and tutelage of Senjaro Kunoru, and has learned what it means to be a true samurai.

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The circumstances of Shirou’s birth were tragic and dire, as he was born when a curse had been placed on a noblewoman’s child while still in the womb. While she still loved Shirou very much, he was still shunned by the other family members, being called “Haji” (meaning “Shame”) behind his back by many.

When he “came of age” to be accepted into a school for samurai, he was rejected, for he was the subject of many a superstition, and no one wanted anything to do with him. So Shirou’s mother told him to train in secret, learning by himself how to use Nitojutsu, or “Two Sword Method”.

When Shirou had arrived home one dark day, he realized his house had been ransacked. He rushed to find that his mother was dead, slain by what seemed to be deep claw and tooth marks at her throat. He was surprised to find that some of his other relatives caught him at the scene, and had assumed that Shirou committed the crime. Shirou abandoned his home, for fear of retribution from his family.

Since then, Shirou has been on the hunt for jiang-shi known as “Kyōjin”, who claimed to be Shirou’s real father during one encounter, as he was the one who made Shirou what he is today.

Shirou Kenichi

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