Character Relations

So, I’m introducing a mechanic that gauges how well you guys have interacted with NPCs so far. Ideally you guys want to keep these NPCs at a high level of likeability as low levels will have adverse affects over the course of the game. Obviously, you can sway NPC perceptions by rolling Diplomacy, doing them favors (quests, gifts, etc.) or more inventive means (GM discretion). So far, you guys have done a pretty good job at making most people like you. :)

Likeability from best to worst

Advocate – Best
Nemesis – Worst

The most direct, and perhaps the riskiest way, to sway someone’s mood is to roll a diplomacy check – OR – roll a knowledge check that could easily be associated with that character. For example, when you guys met the Wyvern, you could have rolled an Arcana check to know the equivalent of ‘proper draconic ettiquete’. In this regard, unless otherwise specified by the DM, you can only make one check in this manner.

Otherwise, if any given NPC doesn’t outright hate you (Hostile or worse), you’re likely to have to do favors or quests for them. Be careful! Doing such favors could earn the ire of others.

If an NPC DOES despise you, however, friendship will be out of your reach unless special circumstances apply. That said, a ‘special circumstance’ is subject to a collaboration between a player and GM should they propose a means to gain the favor of a hostile subject. This, by no means, will make it easy.

Current Relations

Character Relations

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