The children of a rare union between a Dryad and Human, a Half-Dryad walks the border between this world and the First. Although the forests may be their calling, these creatures are just as likely to make their home in a Cold City as they are a Hot Jungles.

Ability Score Traits:
Half-Dryad characters are physically weaker then their Human parents but make up for it with their speed and grace.
They gain +2 Dex, +2 Cha, and -2 Str.

Half-Dryad are Humanoids with the Human subtype but count as Fey (Read below).

Half-Dryad are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penaltis due to their size.

Base Speed:
Half-Dryad have a base speed of 30 feet.

Half-Dryad begin play speaking Common and Sylvan. Half-Dryad with high intelligence scores can choose from the following: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin, and Orc

Fey Born:
Whenever a Half-Dryad receives magical healing, they heal an additional 2 points per die rolled. You gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against death effects. Unfortunately, they also suffer +1 point of damage from Cold Iron Weapons (although they may wield cold iron weapons without significant discomfort). This ability counts as having the feat Fey Foundling.

Fey Blood:
Half-Dryad count as both Humans and Fey for any effect that would negatively effect them (such as a Favorite Enemy Bonus or the Bane Weapon Quality).

Dryad Magic:
Half-Dryad with a Charisma score of 13 or higher also gain the following spell-like abilities:
1/day – Speak with plants
1/day – Charm person (DC: 10 + 1/2 character level + Cha).

Weapon Familiarity:
Half-Dryad are proficient with longbows and shortbows (including their composite counterpart).

Life Dependent (Su):
Like their Dryad parent, Half-Dryad are dependent on a mystical bond. However, like their Human parents, this mystical bond comes in a varied nature. A Half-Dryad is mystically bonded to a single living thing (Plant or Creature) and must never stray more than 300 yards from it. A Half-Dryad who moves 300 yards away from their Bond (or if the Bond moves away from them) immediately becomes sickened. Every hour thereafter, she must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to resist becoming nauseated for an hour. a Half-Dryad that is out of range of her bond for 24 hours take 1d6 points of Constiution damage, and another 1d6 of Constitution damage every day that follows- eventually, this separation kills the Half-Dryad. A Dryad can forge a new bond with a different living thing by performing a 24-hour ritual and making a successful DC 18 Will save.

The Subject of this Bond must be willing (Plants and Friendly animals are always considered Willing) and must be the same size, or larger, as the Half-Dryad. Creatures who are subject to the Bond gain a +1 to all Fortitude Saves while within range of the Half-Dryads Mystical link, however is also subject to a -1 to all Fortitude Saves when outside the range of the link, as long as they remain subject to the bond.

Life Meld:
Half-Dryad can meld with their Bond, smiliar to how the spell meld into stone functions, and can remain melded with their bond as long as they wish.


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