Iomadean Slayer (Paladin Archetype)

Iomedean Slayer

Weapon and Armor Proficencies: A Iomedean Slayer does not gain heavy armor proficiency. The Iomedian Slayer can move, if unencumbered, up to 30 feet in medium armor.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Skills: Gains Athletics, Survival and Intimidate. Loses Healing.

Divine Tracking
The Iomedean Slayer gains the tracking ability usually available to Rangers with the addition of also adding a bonus to tracking equal to your Paladin level (rather than half your Paladin level) if you happen to have Smite Evil active on the target you’re tracking.

Divine Bond
If the Iomedean Slayer chooses her weapon as her divine bond she gains Bane, Huntsman, Invigorating and Lifesurge to the list of possible enchantments he can add to her weapon. She loses Axiomatic, Defending, Disrupting and Holy from his original list.

Smite Evil changes: The Iomedean Slayer gains his double damage from smite against large-sized or larger opponents (Who must be evil, of course)

Radiant victory: Instead of channeling positive energy at will, the Iomedean Slayer has this variant for positive energy. (Supernatural ability)

- Paladin can only activate her channeled energy as an immediate action after she knocks a foe unconscious or reduces his hp to -1 or fewer. This version of Channel can only be used during combat.
- This version of channel energy can harms EVIL opponents or HEALS ALLIES. The choice is up to the Iomedean Slayer. Channeling feats are not applicable to this ability.
- If the Iomedean Slayer Scores a critical hit that kills or knocks an opponent unconscious, he can make a free channel attempt without using a use of his Radiant Victory ability.
- Gains this ability at level 4
- Anyone forcefully affected is allowed a will save against the DC of 10 + 1/2 the level of the Paladin + his Charisma modifier.
- The paladin gains a number of uses of this power = to 2 + her charisma modifier.
- This power starts at 2d6 and 4th level and goes up +1d6 each level every odd level after 5th.
- This ability replaces Channel Energy

Favored Enemy
- Exactly like rangers favored enemy class feature (1st, 5th, 11th, 16th and 20th)
- If an Iomedean Slayer kills an opponent whom happens to be one of his favored enemies, he can use the radiant victory ability without expending a use of that ability.
- This ability replaces the mercy feature.

Weapon Training
- Gains weapon training at 6th level and every 6th level beyond 6th (making the last at 18th level)
- This ability replaces lay on hands class feature.

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Iomadean Slayer (Paladin Archetype)

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