Nature Lore (Wis)

You have a view into the natural world to which the common eye is ignorant. You can see the magics and energies of nature and acknowledge the wonders in the living breathing world of forests, deserts and other natural terrain. It’s very likely you are a spell-caster of nature or at least spend so much time within the vast boundaries of the uncivilized wilds that you are considered one of its denizens.

Task DC
Determine slope 15
Determine depth underground 20
Identify a spell as it is being cast 15 + spell level
Decipher a scroll 20 + spell level
Identify a common monster No check required
Identify an uncommon monster 10 + Creature CR
Identify a rare monster 15 + Creature CR
Identify Natural Curses (Eg. Lycanthropy) CR of creatures curse in question + 10
Identify Druid Class levels Creature Identification + 5

You can also use Nature Lore to disable natural traps in the wild exclusively. This includes certain traps that are created by divine magic that cannot be disable by the Arcana or Legerdemain skill.

Knowledge areas: Seasons and cycles, weather, lands, terrain, climate, poisons, toxins, natural phenomena, caverns, spelunking, herbology, natural remedies, MONSTROUS HUMANOIDS, PLANTS, DRUIDIC SPELLS, RANGER SPELLS

Nature Lore (Wis)

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