Sociology (Cha)

This skill allows a character to exhibit his knowledge about the anthropological, linguistic and social world around him. With this skill you can appraise an items value, speak and understand languages and acknowledge the cultures of the world, their customs, societies and political systems.

Note: With the exception of Druidic, you gain another new language for each rank you have in Sociology.

Deciphering Languages

You can decipher writing in an unfamiliar language or a message written in an incomplete or archaic form. The base DC is 20 for the simplest messages, 25 for standard texts, and 30 or higher for intricate, exotic, or very old writing. If the check succeeds, you understand the general content of a piece of writing about one page long (or the equivalent). If the check fails, make a DC 5 Wisdom check to see if you avoid drawing a false conclusion about the text. (Success means that you do not draw a false conclusion; failure means that you do.) Note: The ability to create forgeries is now lumped in with the Bluff skill.

Item Appraisal

A DC 20 Appraise check determines the value of a common item. If you succeed by 5 or more, you also determine if the item has magic properties, although this success does not grant knowledge of the magic item’s abilities. If you fail the check by less than 5, you determine the price of that item to within 20% of its actual value. If you fail this check by 5 or more, the price is wildly inaccurate, subject to GM discretion. Particularly rare or exotic items might increase the DC of this check by 5 or more.

You can also use this check to determine the most valuable item visible in a treasure hoard. The DC of this check is generally 20 but can increase to as high as 30 for a particularly large hoard. GM Discretion will apply to this check. It may require a series of checks if the horde is exceptionally huge.

Tasks DC
Identify a common monster No check required
Identify an uncommon monster 10 + Creature CR
Identify a rare monster 15 + Creature CR
Identify Cavalier, Monk and Warblade levels Creature Identification + 5

Areas of Knowledge: Buildings, accents, pidgins, creoles, laws, customs, traditions, personalities, lineages, heraldry, royalty, ettiquette, lines of succession, Rulers, kings, tyrants, wars, migration, founding of cities, trading routes, migrations, colonies, bridges, aqueducts, fortifications, criminology, HUMANOIDS.

Sociology (Cha)

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