Skill Changes

Skills Removed – Spellcraft, All Knowledges, All Craft skills, Handle Animal, Linguistics, Appraise, Disable Device, Sleight of hand, Climb, and Swim.

Skills Added – Arcana, Occult, Sociology, Nature Lore, Weaponeering, Alchemy, Survival, Alchemy, Athletics, Heal(As per rules in place already in game), Legerdemain, Enchantment, Animal Training

Arcana (Intelligence)
- Spellcraft for IDing Arcane spells and reading Arcane Scrolls
- ID for Dragons and Abberations
- Disable Device for Magical Traps (DD sub)
- A Necessary spell for Wizards to learn from other Spellbooks
- Knowledge(Arcana) prompts
- ID of Arcane spells read from literature or casted by others.
- Needed to make Magical traps.
- ID Wizard, Summoner and Sorcerer levels.

Occult (Wisdom)
- Spellcraft for IDing Divine spells and reading divine scrolls
- ID for Undead and Outsiders
- Knowledge(religion) prompt
- ID of Divine spells read from literature or casted by others
- Skill used to break curses with high DCs
- ID Monk, Oracle, Inquisitor, Cleric, Paladin and Anti-paladin levels.

Nature Lore (Wisdom)
- Spellcraft for IDing Druidic and Ranger spells and and reading such scrolls
- ID for Monstrous Humanoids and Plants
- Disable Device for Natural traps (DD sub)
- Knowledge prompts for nature and geography
- ID of Druidic spells read or casted by others.
- Druid levels ID.
- Natural Disease and Natural Curse ID and healing.

Sociology (Charisma)
- Knowledge prompts for Nobility, Local and History
- Linguistics substitue
- Appraise Substitute
- ID Humanoids
- ID Humanoid culture, customs and ideas.
- ID Cavalier or Warblade levels

Survival (Wisdom)
- ID for Animals and Vermin
- Otherwise, this skill is just like the ordinary PF version
- Needed to make natural traps.
- Minor things like wagon repair or the like.
- Extracting poisons from animals
- ID Ranger levels and Barbarian levels

Weaponeering (Intelligence)
- ID Constructs
- Craft(any weapon) substitue
- ID of any Armor or weapon whether it’s magic or otherwise
- Necessary for crafting weapons of all types.
- Needed to create weapon traps
- ID Fighter and Gunslinger levels
- ID a character’s AC based on armor
- Key ability to create magically enchanted items, armor, weapons, wands. NOTE: You must know the spells in question to create the item you want.

Legerdemain (Dexitery)
- Disable Device sub for mechanical traps
- Sleight of Hand sub
- ID Folks with Rouge, Assasin, Ninja and other levels in sneaky stuff.

Alchemy (Intelligence)
- ID poisons, potions and chemicals
- ID Oozes
- Craft(alchemy) prompts for potions, poisions and chemicals
- ID other with Alchemist Levels

Enchantment (Intelligence)
- ID Fey and Magical Beasts
- ID magic Items
- ID Wands, Rods and magic trigger Items.
- ID any Witch, Magus or Bard levels.
- Needed to craft magic wands, rods, staves and rings.
- You can create magical clothing with this too.

Athletics (Strength)
- Swim and Climb Sub

Animal Training (Charisma)
- Ride and Handle Animal Sub
Class Skill lists

Cleric Occult, Arcana, Sociology, Diplomacy, Heal, Sense Motive, Enchantment, Alchemy, Weaponeering
Inquisitor Athletics, Diplomacy, Occult, Alchemy, Arcana, Sociology, Nature Lore, Survival, Enchantment, Perception, Animal Training, Weaponeering, Intimidate, Sense Motive, Stealth, Athletics, Bluff, Disguise, Heal, Meditation
Sorcerer Alchemy, Arcana, Sociology, Enchantment, Bluff, Fly, Intimidate, Use Magic Device, Weaponeering
Summoner Sociology, Enchantment, Alchemy, Arcana, Occult, Nature Lore, Animal Training, Fly, Use Magic Device, Weaponeering
Warder Alchemy, Athletics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Animal Training, Intimidate, Sociology, Survival, Weaponeering
Druid Alchemy,Ehchantment, Athletics, Fly, Animal Training, Heal, Nature Lore, Survival, Perception, Weaponeering, Occult, Diplomacy
Time Thief Alchemy, Enchantment, Weaponeering, Bluff, Athletics, Legerdemain, Sociology, Occult, Disguise, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Diplomacy, Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth, Acrobatics, Animal Training
Achemist Alchemy, Arcana, Enchantment, Heal, Weaponeering, Nature Lore, Fly, Perception, Legerdemain, Survival, Use Magic Device
Nitōjutsu Sensei Acrobatics, Animal Training, Athletics, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Occult, Sociology, Stealth
Barbarian Acrobatics, Nature Lore, Athletics, Weaponeering, Animal Training, Intimidate, Perception, Survival
Oracle Weaponeering, Diplomacy, Heal, Sociology, Occult, Sense Motive, Arcana, Enchanting, Alchemy

Skill Changes

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