Arcana (Int)

This skill is related to ones knowledge and practice of arcane magic casting in all its forms and the study of the manifestations created by the magical world whether greatly powerful and refined in form, like dragons, or twisted and misshapen, like Abberations. With this skill, you can also attempt to identify arcane spells.

Task DC
Identify auras while using detect magic 15 + spell level
Identify a spell as it is being cast 15 + spell level
Learn a spell from a spellbook or scroll 15 + spell level
Prepare a spell from a borrowed spellbook 15 + spell level
Decipher a scroll 20 + spell level
Identify a common monster No check required
Identify an uncommon monster 10 + Creature CR
Identify a rare monster 15 + Creature CR
Identify Sorcerer or Wizard class levels Creature Identification + 5

Arcana can also be used to disable magical traps, exclusively. The check is simple; disable the trap by beating the trap DC.

Areas this knowledge skill will cover: ancient mysteries, magic traditions, arcane symbols, deep ecology, caverns, dungeons, arcane energies, planar magic, ABBERATIONS, DRAGONS, ARCANE SPELLS, ARCANE SCROLLS, SORCERY, WIZARDRY

Arcana (Int)

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