Occult (Wis)

The world of religions creates a vast and confusing space that needs to be unravelled at every step. With this skill you can understand the world of the occult where you can attempt to understand how positive or negative energy is weaved for whatever purpose. You have knowledge of the those whom are unalive and of those whom come from other planes of existence.

Task DC
Identify a spell as it is being cast 15 + spell level
Decipher a scroll 20 + spell level
Identify a common monster No check required
Identify an uncommon monster 10 + Creature CR
Identify a rare monster 15 + Creature CR
Identify Cleric, Oracle, Inquisitor, Paladin or Anti-Paladin class levels Creature Identification + 5
Identify Positive/Negative Energy use CR target + 5
Identify Positive/Negative Energy presence DM discretion

You can also use Occult to break curses and certain persistent negative effects as per remove curse using the skill ranks instead of caster level to determine success. The number of attempts is left to the DM’s discretion.

Knowledge areas: Gods and goddesses, mythic history, ecclesiastic tradition, holy symbols, profane rituals, founding of religions, religious cosmology, religious hierarchy, cults, cult practices, UNDEAD, OUTSIDERS, DIVINE SPELLS, DIVINE SCROLLS

Occult (Wis)

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